MX Player vs MX Player APK Pro – Features, Pros and Cons [2024]

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MX Player vs MX Player apk Pro – Features, Pros and Cons [2024]

mx player vs mx player pro

Mx Player vs Mx Player apk Pro are both the most famous and widely used video players in the whole world. Mx Player which is a free version brings many free features but these features are limited to be used. Whereas, MX Player apk pro brings premium unlocked features. All of these features are premium and can make your experience more fantastic. By using these features, you can easily watch your video more awesomely.

Here, in this article, we will discuss mx player vs mx player pro. We will discuss their features, pros and cons as well. After reading it, we hope you can make a satisfactory decision between these versions.

What is the Mx Player app?

In this comparison between MX Player vs MX Player Pro, the first one is the free version of the video player which has been widely used due to its wonderful formats. This video player has gained a lot of fame due to its free-of-cost features. But some fantastic features can be subscribed privately through a paid subscription as well. MX Player free version is also available on Play Store due to its versatile free version, it is the most downloaded video player on Play Store.

What is MX Player apk Pro?

In this comparison between MX Player vs MX Player Pro, it is the paid version of MX Player free application. Due to its wonderful ads-free experience, Mx Player apk pro has got a lot of familiarity in the world of video players. It is one of the most famous video players among all other paid video players. It also brings some other seamless paid features to enhance the user experience. Some premium features including free advertisement, child lock, playback features, etc bring more versatility into the user experience.

Features Comparison –  MX Player vs Mx Player pro



Advertisement especially during watching videos has been a great concern for any type of application. Users feel so awkward when they are watching and instantly there comes an advertisement between the videos. In this comparison, the MX Player app is a free version, hence there are some banner or pop-up ads while watching videos. You can not get rid of these ads by using this free version of mx player.

Whereas, mx player apk pro brings ads free user experience to make their users more satisfied and relaxed. This is a premium feature from MX Player APK Pro. Hence, you would have to subscribe to a paid subscription for it. When you have got paid subscription then there will be no more ads. Now, you can enjoy a smooth and ads-free environment while watching your videos.


Free vs Paid

MX Player is a free version for which you do have not to pay for any paid subscription. This application brings some common free features. These free features can mark your basic demands as almost done. It contains features like subtitles but with limited languages. Hence, you can use some limits by using the free version of MX Player.

MX Player APK Pro is the paid version. You have to pay to subscribe its paid subscription on monthly or yearly plans. Once, you have paid for it, you can easily use all of those locked features which are unavailable in the free version. You can enjoy some seamless features like having no ads, multiple languages subtitles unlocked, playback features, and much more.



The latest updates matter a lot for any type of application. When we come to matter for a video player then it becomes so essential to get the latest updates as well. If there are no regular updates then it can create some serious problems as well. Now, when we talk about MX Player then the free version can create problems for users in this regard of updates.

It is one of the great benefits of using Mx Player APK pro that it brings a lot of wonderful features including the latest updates on regular dates as well. This pro version brings some regular and wonderful updates. In this way, you never miss some important updates. Hence, it is recommended to use the premium version of MX Player so that you can keep your things up to date.

Pros & Cons – MX Player vs MX Player Pro

Pros [Mx Player Free]

  • User Friendly
  • Free
  • Some Updates
  • Secure


  • Some Bugs
  • Ads
  • Limited Features
  • No Advanced Updates

Pros [Mx Player apk pro]

  • Ads Free
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Fully Updated
  • Secure & Private


  • Costs
  • Some Bugs
  • Sometimes Lagging
  • No Advanced Audio Options


In short, if you are going with the free plan then you should use the MX Player free version. It can also get your basic needs done. You can watch plenty of videos with some basic features like subtitles, Playback features, etc. But if you can pay for a paid subscription then it is the best option for you to use Mx Player apk pro. By subscribing to it, you can unlock all premium functions here such as kid’s lock. So, it is up to you whether you can go with the paid version or with the free version. Luckily, you can also get the MX Player Mod APK pro version from which is free of cost.


A simple version can fulfill your basic needs. If you can go with the paid version then you can enjoy all premium features.

Yeah, you can use it on PC as well as Android.

It costs almost $4.99 per year.

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