MX Player VS VLC Player, Which One is Best to Run?

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MX Player VS VLC Player, Which One is the Best Media Player?

mx player vs vlc player

MX Player VS VLC Player is the ultimate battle between these two top trending media players. MX Player is a software application that is used to display Movies and dramas on the screen. Using the MX Player premium version provides users with unlimited and many kinds of features that are only available in the Premium Plan of the MX Player. MX Player is a Powerful Video Player with advanced Hardware acceleration and subtitles support. On the other hand, VLC is the best open-source video and music player on Android devices. VLC Media Player is a free and open-source cross-multimedia that plays maximum files like discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. You can use VLC for Android and can play any kind of Video and Audio files on it.

What is the MX Player App?

In this comparison of mx player vs vlc player, MX Player is a Paid software that displays ads as you open the browse. MX Player shows different kinds of Ads like some types of Ads shown in the middle of the film or when you pause it. MX Player Premium Version charges you a couple of dollars. MX Player App is a user-friendly application with advanced features and gesture control. MX Player is ideal for those who primarily use media on mobile devices.

Pros & Cons – Mx Player VS Vlc Player

Now, we will discuss some benefits and drawbacks of Mx Player VS VLC Player. It will help you for better recognition among both of these media players.

Benefits of MX Player

MX Player has a lot of features that are commonly used in the playlist of movies, dramas, and songs. Here we will describe some of its features.

mx player vs vlc player

Playback Features

You can play a wide range of audio and video formats by using the MX Player. You can also use the hardware acceleration of the MX player which will help play the different formats of Movies, dramas, and Songs.


Here, mx player vs vlc, You can use this feature which is only available in the MX Player and users can easily load and customize the subtitles tracks. You can also switch multiple audio tracks in a video file by using this feature of MX Player.

mx player vs vlc player


MX Player has integration with advanced networks like Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, and many more. Users can play all types of videos on these networks directly within the application of the MX Player.

Drawbacks of MX Player

Every app has benefits as well as drawbacks. So, here we will tell our users about some drawbacks of MX Player that users commonly face during the playing of videos and audio.

  • Advertisements
  • Limited Desktop Support
  • Fewer Customization Options
  • Compatibility Issue
  • Limited Network Support

What is VLC Media Player?

In this comparison of MX Player vs VLC, it is an open-source video and music player. The interface of the VLC Media Player is a bit more difficult and complex than the interface of the MX Player vs VLC Player is intended for everyone and it is free and safe having no ads, no in-app purchases, no spying, and is developed by passionate volunteers. All of the multimedia can be played on the VLC for free. The best part is that VLC Media Player Supports a wide range of formats like iOS, desktop, macOS, and many more. So, User can enjoy their music without any advertisements and can enjoy all kinds of videos and audio for free.

Benefits of VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player has a lot of Benefits and features but here we will discuss the maximum used features of VLC Media Player in different kind of formats.

mx player vs vlc player

Cross Platform

VLC Media Player is available for all kinds of devices and can be used on a maximum of devices like Android, iOS, Desktop, and macOS. Users can play local videos and audio as well as network streams like the desktop version of VLC.

Format Support

All formats are supported including MKV and MP4. VLC Media Player supports subtitles, Teletext, and closed options. VLC Media Player also supports multi-track audio and subtitles. It also supports the auto-rotation and aspect ratio.

mx player vs vlc player


VLC Media Player is open-source which means you can download it freely and also use it for free. VLC is an app that is ads and users can enjoy their videos without any kind of interruption or disturbance. It does not charge any cost to its users.

Drawbacks of VLC Player

Like MX Player vs VLC Player, VLC has also some sort of drawbacks that users face during the use of VLC Media Player. So, here we will tell you about these drawbacks.

  • Audio Equalizers and effects
  • Limited Streaming Features
  • Continuous Updates
  • Complex interface
  • Subtitles Problems


According to the best knowledge of our team, both of these, mx player vs vlc player, applications work well and can be used by beginners as well as by professionals. VLC Media Player is free of ads but it has more problems than MX Player because of its updates and support team. VLC Media Player has no premium version and because of this reason, you can not use advanced features like MX Player which is available in the Pro version. MX Player Pro version provides the users with unlimited features and also the support team of the MX Player is good enough to solve any query in no time.

The other key point that is important is that the Privacy Policy of MX Player is stronger than the VLC Media Player. Thus your data will be more secure and safe in the MX Player vs VLC Player. So, you should download the latest version of MX Player on your device and enjoy your videos and audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, using the MX Player and VLC Media Player is safe and secure. Both of these applications have no known privacy policy and can be used around the whole world without any worry regarding Privacy Policy.

MX Player is specifically designed for Mobile devices and has a superb interface with different Mobile Devices. So, the Performance of the MX Player on Mobile devices is much better than the VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player supports more video and audio formats rather than the MX Player. Thus, if you have various audio and video formats, you should use the VLC Media Player over the MX Player.

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